Why Choose Us

Chris and Paul are passionate about wooden furniture, specifically providing you with furniture that you are going to love...

We pride ourselves on excellent customer service and bringing the personal touch to furniture design – you will always deal with one of us and will never be passed on to someone else. As bespoke cabinet makers in addition to Neptune Interiors resellers, we will ensure you get exactly what you want. Our aim is to have happy customers – as in the picture to the right!

Design & Concept

We have a vast experience and know our products inside out which will help you get exactly what you want, whether it’s a new dining area or bespoke built-in wardrobes. Combining functionality with design, we ensure your ideas are translated into workable solutions resulting in furniture that you love.

Construction & Materials

We employ highly skilled craftsmen to complete each piece of wooden furniture, using only the finest timber because wen you start with the best materials you get the best end product. We never use MDF or chipboard and always use proper jointing techniques. Why? Because we believe passionately in giving you outstanding furniture that will delight for years & years.

Value for Money

One of our key objectives is to offer exceptional value for money. We achieve this through consistent design, well organised and efficient production and going direct to source for all the raw materials we use. Like Neptune Interiors, we have evolved from customer demand and so we know how important it is to produce high quality and individual wooden furniture at affordable prices.

  Why Choose Us
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